It has long been an established myth with men that foreplay is simply a few kisses here and there that will get your lady warmed up for the good stuff and no intimacy following that. It is unfortunate that most men do not realize foreplay can, and should, be implemented for the duration of any romantic situations you find yourself in. This includes the well before you ever make it to the bedroom, warm-up, during the act, and even after. Whether through being told that we should only do this for a specific amount of time, or due to the fact that we forget women are emotional creatures, men rationalize only having a specific time frame for foreplay (usually a few minutes before sex).

By improving the amount of time that we invest in foreplay, we show our women that they are desired and craved in general, instead of just the time it takes for us to get what we want. Remember that men have a desire to be needed, but women have a desire to be wanted. Make her feel that you want her in every situation you find yourself in. Before you find yourself in a romantic situation, pay attention to only her, when you are out on dates. Don’t look at other women, touch her gently, make her feel that no other woman exists in your world; it is all about her. One of the best ways to go about this during is to delay your own gratification to ensure that she is satisfied. Stop during intercourse to engage in other activities that focus solely on her. When you are done, kiss her all over her body reinforcing how much you, as an alpha male, crave her skin on your lips. Hold her head close to your chest, kissing the top of her head. Make her feel that you want her, and nothing else in the world, as often as you can. By doing this, your relationship will become stronger, the sex will be better, and she will feel more comfortable in her femininity with you.

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