More than any other conversation, people naturally like to talk about, you guessed it, themselves. Beyond this, most people do not listen, they wait patiently (sometimes not so much) for their turn to talk. While it is natural for us to do the same thing, you will see many dividends paid if you hold off on this self-flagellating level of gratification and actively listen to others. By simply listening to others go on about themselves, you will see benefits in business, love, and friendships.

While it may seem pretty simple to listen to others, it can be a lot harder that one would think. It is natural to interject with our own stories of similar situations, our personal opinions on what is being shared, and trying to give advice on what next steps should be taken. While many of these actions may be shared out of a desire to help, none of them encapsulate what listening truly is. The biggest aspect of truly listening to others, and the part that most will find difficult, is paying attention and following with questions that can expand upon the story that is being shared, not inserting opinions and stories of your own.

By doing this, you are able to grab the attention of others and make them believe that you are unique, which is true, if you watch others and their inability to listen to anything for more than 30 seconds at a time. Pay attention to what others have to say about themselves and they will want you around on a more constant basis. This works especially well in regards to forming a long-lasting love interest with someone you have your eye on. If you stick around long enough you may even find a time when they want to listen to you instead of talking about them.

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