Walking on the Inside

Some say things like street manners or old school chivalry is not practical any longer. I’d say to that, it’s not. They’re correct. That’s the whole point. When you go out of your way to do things like this it shows a certain amount of respect and makes the woman feel special. What are we talking about exactly? Men walking curbside. The woman always walks on the inside. Why? It was, back in the day, to not expose her to danger and so she doesn’t get dirty from mud when horse and carriages pass by. Today, I feel that the danger is just traffic. What if someone throws something out of the window? Yes, it should hit you first. When the woman is on the inside, sub-consciously she feels safe and can let go a little bit. That’s always the name of the game, make her feel comfortable enough to be her, the real her. From my experience, I’ve never met a girl who doesn’t like feeling special. I’ve suggested this to many people and consistently do the same myself, even when it’s inconvenient and I have to switch sides, I do. Most men these days don’t even realize this is a thing, even more the reason to implement it. Woman like unique and good manners, and this is an utmost way to show both. Make it a habit and see where it goes and I believe you’ll be presently surprised.

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