Staying healthy on the road

So, I’m sitting here, in a hotel outside of Houston, Texas and was thinking that other people have the same challenges in regards to working out and staying in shape whilst on the road as I do. For some people, it can be even more of a pain in the ass. I know that it can be hard to maintain any level of fitness while either on vacation or travel for work, and it can be a nightmare to get back home and try to get back into normal routines. So, I wanted to share a couple things that have worked well for me when I’m down here in the deep fried capitol of the U.S. as well as the other sporadic areas of the Country that I am shipped off to for work.

Obviously, in most cases, the hotels strong suit isn’t their gym. Some of these places I come into might have a treadmill and an elliptical machine, which makes things a bit rough. The cardio will at lest help in working of f some of the butter that everything is cooked in, but its not quite enough. Push-ups definitely come in handy. I try and do a variety of them, feet elevated on a table in my room, switch it up and do decline push-ups with my feet on the floor and hands on the table. You can also work your triceps off the sink in your hotel bathroom. It’s all about ingenuity when your sources are limited. Body weight squats and lunges are always an option as well and when you superset these in with push-ups and triceps in your room. When you’re crunched for time, you can have a decent workout in about 45 minutes. Hotels also have stairs that people rarely use so up and down those a few times and doing burpees at the top and bottom and maybe in the middle are always an intense option as well. Even with all of the ingenuity in the world, to say this can get boring would be an understatement.

Anyone that’s into being fit knows that diet is just as big of a part of fitness as exercise. Being on the road makes this more difficult than exercising, for me, anyway. Most restaurants want their food to taste good, so even though you’re ordering a steak, potatoes, and asparagus most the time they’re soaked with butter. My rule of thumb is something like this: I try and eat breakfast and lunch as healthy and plain as possible, then dinner I go somewhere nice and have something I enjoy while still trying to keep it health-ish. I mean, a benefit of traveling is obviously getting the opportunity to experience different restaurants so by all means, do it. The key here is just to be conscious of it and try to have some balance. If you know you ate like crap the night before, run the extra set of stairs in the morning to make up for it a bit.

All in all, when you’re traveling its mostly about maintenance and damage control. You have little time and honestly when you’re traveling for leisure you probably don’t want to work out too often. Chances are you are probably going to eat a lot more meals that aren’t as healthy as what you’d be eating at home, as you should. If you have the time, and you’re traveling for work, try and join a gym that has multiple locations nationwide (in an ideal world). Now in just about every decent size city, there are meal prep companies that can meet your diet restrictions and regulations that make it extremely easy to stay a lot closer to ‘on track’. I’ve also found that upping my water consumption helps a ton too.

In todays day in age of globalization, travel for work or pleasure is very normal, and almost the status quo, so trying to figure something out to stay looking good and feeling good is necessary. This is especially true in a society that preaches about being healthy and advertises McDonalds in the same breath. I know from my experience it takes more discipline to keep close to my normal routine on the road, but I can also tell you this, I feel a lot better when I do. Being on the road takes a toll on our bodies. We don’t sleep as well as we normally do in the comfort of our own beds and being comfortable in our own surroundings, so every upper hand that we can get helps. Everyone is in different places with health and fitness in their lives, so find what works best for you. Hopefully these couple suggestions work for you and allow you to implement healthy choices on the road. Now enjoy and safe travels. Cheers


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