Travel – Phi Phi Islands, Thailand pt. 2

The next stop was an alcove barely sheltered from the current and pull of the ocean only yards away. In order to reach, what our guide assured to be the best spot to snorkel in all of the islands, I had to swim through a heavy current of ocean and make my way to calmer waters. While the swim was definitely taxing, the view from under the waves was worth every stroke. The biggest highlight of what I saw was the baby blacktip sharks slowly moving around on the bottom of the ocean floor, closely followed by their mother. The other highlight: the troop of jellyfish that I swam through on the way back to the boat. That was fun.

After making it back to the boat, catching my breath, and contemplating having someone pee on my chin to make the jellyfish sting stop hurting, the next order of business was lunch. We headed to the main island, cluttered with resorts, cheap shops, stray cats, and tourists from all over the world. We were sat in front of one of the biggest lunches I had ever seen. There were at least a dozen different options, and I ate until I could barely move. I ate so much that I couldn’t appreciate the rest of the town, but only sit and chain smoke until it was time to depart for our next destination.

Monkey Island was next on the agenda. Yeah, you read that right. Monkey Island! The only problem with Monkey Island is that all of the little bastards either wanted to rob you, bite you, or hump you. Even with the few times I had to run away from the little guys, or toss them some food, it was a pretty awesome experience.

The final stop of the day was to a remote beach on the edge of a jungle. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make it very deep into the brush, so hanging out in the water was my only option for the rest of my day. The sand was white and the water was clear. Although, the area to swim in was sanctioned off, due to the presence of the Man-O-War jellyfish. This was also the part of the trip that completely decimated my skin and left blisters that would last for days.

Overall, the trip to Phi Phi Island was absolutely amazing, and left me with memories that will not soon fade. If you ever find yourself in Phuket, Thailand, making the trip to the Island is worth every penny!

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