Upcoming trip – Costa Rica

Next month, on June 1st, I will have the pleasure of visiting the true Central America for the first time (discounting the 100’s of times I’ve gone to Mexico). Anyway, I will be stopping for a fairly long layover in Panama before getting to San Jose, C.R. and then taking (I’m assuming) a smaller plane to Tambor. For this trip I will be with the girlfriend, staying in a pretty nice hotel (I hope, anyway.. she booked the room). The problem is, I really only have a few ideas on what to do while I am there.

I know that I will be renting ATVs and taking them up absolutely any large masses of Earth that I can find. I also know that there will be a zipline involved. Knowing me, I will probably try my best to catch one of the more dangerous animals down there, give it a cute name like Barry, and then release Barry to continue killing things. The lady wants to see a few waterfalls and probably lounge by the pool for a day. Beyond these few activities, I have no idea what else to do.

Who has been to Panama and can suggest something that will take a few hours, and anyone that has been to C.R. the same? What are the MUST see spots for this part of the world?

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